So I saw the TITANS trailer and dear lord, where do I even begin with this one. TITANS Official Comic Con Trailer (SDCC 2018) DC Series could make the greatest haters of the Titans Go show buy two tickets for the Titans Go movie just for themselves. Yikes!

My God, I’m sorry but I always try to stay positive but I just can’t with this live action film of the TITANS. It borderline looks trash. Listen, I don’t care who they hire to play these fictional character, just stay true to the source material. Like, how difficult could that actually be? You’ll make the base happy, thus the fanbase will support the series in the long run.

Look, I know it was just the first two minute of the trailer so I shouldn’t judge it but when you make Beast Boy skin white, and he’s trademark green only emerges when he transforms then that’s a problem. And don’t get me started with Starfire. I mean what the actual fuck happened? Who approved that design? Lord help me! And Raven, why does she show so much emotion? Her whole deal is that she suppresses her emotion and does a damm go job at it as well. As for Robin……yeah! Also, I’m afraid to ask but…where’s my boy Cyborg? This trailer looked like a fan decided to go full blown edgelord and failed.

Ranting aside, I will keep given them the benefit of the doubt until I see the first episode myself. This was just me sharing my initial thoughts on that trailer. Let me know your thoughts on the trailer.

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