I like checking out various anime with an open mind…but when I ran into “How Not to Summon a Demon Lord”, I really didn’t know what to expect to be honest.

In regards to the MMORPG Cross Reverie, Sakamoto Takuma boasted an overwhelming strength that was enough for him to be called the Demon King by the other players. One day, he gets summoned to another world with his appearance in the game. There, there are two people that insist “I am the real summon master.” Takuma gets slave-turning magic used for summoned beasts cast on him by the girls―

However, the peculiar ability “Magic Reflection” is invoked! The ones that were turned to slaves were the girls!

Takuma was bewildered. He’s the strongest magician but, he doesn’t have any social skills. Panicking, the first words that came out were the ones that he used inside the game role-playing the Demon King?! “I’m amazing you say? Of course I am. I am Diablo… The one feared as the Demon King!”

This is the story the Demon King (acting) that would soon inspire the world and his other world adventure that he plunges through with his absolute strength, raise the curtain!



You see, I like anime that have that MMO touch to it, or any anime that revolves around gaming. But when said anime starts throwing fanservice right out the gate, I gotta ask myself, “Am I here for the plot or the PLOT”?

The anime isn’t’ bad at all either, but I went into it expecting a Overlord type deal but instead I got something completely different. I’ll keep watching to see how far this anime will take it’s fanservice. It’s especially difficult when the character Rem looks like a kid. I mean geez Japan…chill! I’m all for fan service if it’s tasteful and done right but if it’s going to be the bases of this anime, then I gotta say no thanks.

Literally, everything else about the anime is dope. The world, lore, animation and the character are pretty cool. Hey, I ain’t judging or saying this anime is bad. If’ts a fanservice anime then it’s a fanservice anime. I’m just sharing my experience.

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