I mean, it ain’t the direct sequel to the series we were looking for but this is better than nothing. Burn The Witch, a one-shot manga sitting at 62 pages created by Tite Kubo is a manga about witches and dragons. Oh, and about the Soul Society West Branch.

You see, the existence of the West Branch of the soul society was in fact mentioned in Chatper 50 of Bleach by Urahara. He said that their Soul Society was the East branch. This is a clever way to still make use of the world that Kubo has created in Bleach and continue the world building. The reason why this has me excited is because the end panel hints at the Bleach name, with a message saying “the world isn’t’ over yet”!


I’ve read the manga and the premise so far is very Bleach-like in concept. Who knows, this may lead to the resurgence of Bleach manga and possible the continuation of the anime. The main characters Noel and Ninii are pretty cool in my opinion and their personality are distractedly different from each other. I’m also interested to see how their going to use Virgo and his were-dragon biology in the future.

Overall, I really hope this manga does well enough to spark the return of Bleach. Despite how you may feel about the series, I personally enough it’s world building  and character and want to see more.

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