Welcome back to our usual My Hero Academia Season reviews. I skipped the last episode simply because it wasn’t all that epic or worth reviewing. However, now that things are starting to pick up again, I decided to continue my reviews and discussion.

This weeks episode focused on the Class of 1A working towards building their ultimate moves. At first I thought it was pretty funny to have an entire session dedicated to creating ultimate moves, but after hearing the explanation behind the ultimate moves it kinda makes sense.

This led to Deku needing to adjust his costume which led to the re-introduction of Mei Hatsume. I can’t explain why, but I really like Mei as a character. Her over the top personality when it comes to creating and innovating stuff is always fun to see on the screen. And it always makes of a fun interaction with he other kids. This is were Deku once again woke the heck up and realized what he had to do to stop copying All Might.

In under four days, the kids all began to create their ultimate moves. Tokoyami in my opinion had the coolest idea for his ultimate. Abyssal Black Body! Yeah, that shit  was dope.


Of course, the point of the episode was for Deku to realize that he’s to become a hero, he can’t be out here copying All Might. He had to created his own image. And thanks to my girl Mei, he realized that he has two legs that he ain’t using. Thus, Full Crowl: Shoot Style is born.

Overall, it was a pretty entertaining episode and once again kept the narrative moving. I honestly can’t wait to see what all the Class of 1A ultimate are going to look like in the future.

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