Once again it’s time for new Anime to make their rounds and one of them has already caught my eye. This one in particular actually started as an RPGMaker. Crazy huh?

When Rachel wakes up in the basement of an unfamiliar building, she finds herself lost all her memory. As Rachel tries to get clear of the basement, she runs into Zack, a scythe-carrying serial killer wrapped from head to toe in bandages. “Kill me, kill me please…” “I will do it, but only if you help me to get out of this building.” The bizarre promise brings these two together and somehow makes them an irreplaceable partner to each other. Where are they? Why are they trapped? And what is the destiny they have been looking for? The journey of death and lives starts…

The anime is based on a RPGMaker of the same name. It is a psychological horror-adventure game from the creator of Forest of Drizzling Rain (“Kirisame ga furu mori”). Consisting of four episodes and originally released by Den-fami Nico Game Magazine, Angels of Death is now available worldwide with full English localization!


This is the second time to my knowledge that a popular game has being adapted into an anime. And I’m all for it to be honest.

The episode starts off with Rachel Gardner waking up in a strange place after visiting the hospital. She quickly realizes that something is off and begins her search for answers. On her search she encounters two strange characters, Zack and Doctor Danny. Aside from Zack, Danny creeped me the fuck out man. I never trusted a man with glasses that glares so much and I ain’t gonna start now. Soon mu suspicious proved to be true and this man went from 0 to hell no real quick. Luckily that sucker with his pedo aura was taken out by…well another psychopath.

The art and aesthetic of the anime is was really stuck out to me. there wasn’t anything that I didn’t like to be honest. Zack on the other hand…his laugh is already getting on my nerves but other than that he seems like a typical standard psychopath. The narrative was pretty difficult to follow but I presume that if you played the game then the story would make sense. Plus that’s what psychological horror are all about, trying to figure out what’s going on is always half the fun.

The anime is pretty dope, and the concept of trying to survive an unknown environment that’s based on games and rules sounds cool to me. I also like the dark vibe it gives off.  It’s worth checking out if you’re into psychological horror.

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