I CAN NOT BELIEVE THIS? THE MADMEN AT TOEI ANIMATION HAVE OFFICIALLY MADE BROLY CANNON!!! Dragon Ball Super: BROLY Movie is real, Broly is canon and the salt is pouring at an alarming rate!

Sorry for the caps and jokes guys, it wasn’t out of excitement or anything. More like out of pure disbelieve that the one character no one ever expect to be canon, ended up becoming canon. So as you can see from the dope ass poster that was leaked, there’s going to be another Dragon Ball Super movie, this time focusing on the one and only TRUE legendary Saiyan, Broly.


There’s barely any information that came with this poster so henceforth, it will be all speculation and my wishes for this movie.

To simply put it, they need to recon the hell out of Broly if he’s to work with the main story line. His character in the other movies were borderline trash, lets face it. His motive for hating Goku has always been the dumbest aspect of his character. If they can fix all of that and add a compelling story that explains how up to this point we haven’t heard anything about him then I’ll be cool.

Heck, all the gotta do is confirm him as the fighter that Beerus mentioned and considered the strongest he’s ever faced and tie the story around that then it’s all good. It’s already clear that this man is going to be way stronger that Goku and Vegeta at Super Saiyan Blue. So this will most likely lead to Goku once again, re-awakening Ultra Instinct to beat Broly at a clutch.

I’m hyped to be honest and I hope to all that is good in this world that they fix his origin story.

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