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Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 – Xeno Goku Was The Highlight Of The Short Episode!

Just like the rest of you guys, I was expecting a fully fledged out 22 minute episode of pure madness and episode battle for Dragon Ball Heroes, however we only got 8 minutes underwhelming goodies to digest.

There’s really not much to discuss in regards to yesterdays episode, it was short and got right to the point of the story. We saw a brief interaction and fight between Xeno Goku and Mainline Goku and honestly, I was rooting for Xeno Goku. As soon as he stepped into the scene, he stole the show. He’s attitude was more serious and he didn’t seem to have the same personality or give off a goofy attitude like our Goku. I don’t know, I just didn’t get that typical Goku vibe from him. Plus seeing SSJ4 again in HD was lit AF.



Well I can’t complain, we’ve been aching for more Dragon Ball content and I personally have being wanting to see the Heroes games animated in a lengthy fashion so I’ll take what I can get. It’s also funny that the animation in this episode was a lot better than the trailers they’ve been using so that’s a plus.


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