Edens Zero is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hiro Mashima. First releasing on June 27, 2018, it is serialized in Weekly Shōnen Magazine and published digitally in five different languages simultaneously. However, I’ve been thinking about this new manga series and decided to bring up the question of whether this manga is a result of creativity or sheer laziness on Hiro Mashima.

Can a manga artist reuse the same characters assets for another manga? Is there a rule against it? Or is just laziness and an insult to us the readers? I’ve been think about that for a while now. I mean if Hiro Mashima had just said that Edens Zero takes place in the same shared universe but in an alternative future or something like that,then that would’ve actually made sense for why every character in this new manga shared a such striking resembles to the characters form Fairy Tail.


The concept so far is interesting but after that, everything and I mean EVERYTHING just had the same Fairy Tail vibe to it. To me, it comes off as Hiro Mashima being juts a one trick pony and unable to actually come up with something new and original. Sure, we can make fun of it online and overlook it because we’re fans but this is actually pretty bad and somewhat underhanded in my opinion. Did he do it on purpose to prove a point to someone or a publisher? Is he testing the tolerance of readers? I got so many questions that I have because of this manga.

However I brought this topic up because I wanted to see what you guys think of this. Please share your take on this in the comment below.

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