I remember a while back I said that I was personally done with reading manga for the moment so that I could enjoy watching Anime in all its blissfulness. However, I have broken that promise momentarily so that I could read Hiro Mashima latest manga work, Edens Zero. With all the talk about the creator of Fairy Tail ripping off his own series, I had to see for myself just how bad it really was, and surprisingly it’s just as we feared and also not as we feared.

To put it bluntly, it’s fairy tail in space. That’s literally the best way for me to describe this new manga. Its got all the quirks and charms that made Fairy Tail, Fairy Tail and even the cat has the same name as the previous blue cat in Fairy Tail. They’re both called Happy. Like he could’ve tried to give the cat a different name but nope, he decided to stick to Happy for some reason.

From the characters to the names of locations to even how the character’s shout out their attacks, it’s Fairy Tail through and through. Its like Hiro Mashima wanted to see if he could use all of Fairly Tail’s assets and use it to tell a story about space adventures and of course, friendship.


But, I will give him this, the concept for this story isn’t all too bad either. You see, I never hated fairy tail, in fact I quite liked the story despite all of its flaws. Mostly the fact that how all of the fights were won through the power of friendship. And looking at Edens Zero, I doubt we will see much change in that format.

So far the protagonist Shiki has that Natsu vibe to him. Despite the fact that he looks like a fusion of Natsu and Gray, there isn’t an ounce of Gray in this guy. Rebecca on the other hand is basically Lucy with a YouTube Channel. It make be too soon to judge this manga series but with 84 pages of material given us what a look at what to expect, if this is how the story will play out then…yikes. However, I’ll keep an open mind to it. I enjoyed Fairy Tail for what it was so I’m sure I’ll enjoy Edens Zero, I mean it got space and shit so that’s cool right?

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