Yep! I’m asking that question because honestly, an open-world Naruto game like One Piece World Seeker, based on the Boruto generation with the graphics of CC2’s Storm games would actually be pretty dope to see!

We’ve already gotten a taste of this type of gameplay with Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm and Naruto Broken Bonds but those game were limited by the technology of their time. Now that we’ve improved our tech, a game based on Boruto and his adventures would actually be able to reach a scale previously not possible.

For starters, in order for the game that I have envisioned to work, it would need to tell its own unique story. The reason why I say this is quite simple, by telling its own story, it can allow the writers to make up a scenario in which Boruto and his squad are able to explore ALL five major villages of his generation. With the Ninja World at peace, now would the perfect time to explore the world of Naruto like never before.

thumb_boruto-novoposter (1)

The game would be a mixture of the elements from Storm 1, Broken Bonds and One Piece: World Seeker. On top of that instead of just controlling Boruto, you’ll be able to control and use Sarada and Mitsku, using their abilities to solve puzzles and missions. Of course, the reason why I mentioned One Piece: World Seeker is because that game has a number of elements that I think is crucial to making this game fun. The biggest element for me is traversing the world. As a ninja of the next generation, moving acrobatically across the world needs to feel as badass as it does in the anime.

I don’t know,  I for one would love to see a Naruto game go in that direction of open world once again. I know the masses wants Storm 5 or some other variation of Naruto in a fighting only format but I personally think that this would be the next best move for the franchise. Of course, fighting will still be in the game but the open world will be the focus of the game. Let me know your thoughts on the game.

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