There’s not much really to say about this episode but I do want to share my thought on a couple of things.

This episode really focused on the emotional implications and strains that are being placed upon the parents of the young heroes. From Bakugo’s mum to Deku’s mum, we can see how the events of All for One Vs All Might and U.A. have shaped their thought process and opinions on their sons becoming heroes. For Bakugo’s mum, it was to shape Bakugo out of his superior complex and become the hero she knows he can be. For Deku’s mother, things got a lot more interesting.


Deku’s mum wants her son to chase after his dreams and does not want to be the one that stands in the way of that. However, as his mother, she can’t just simply send his son to his deathbed. This scene right here really humanized not just Deku’s mother but the entire perspective of the world itself. This is to my knowledge, the first time that the protagonist’s parent are still in the picture. Usually, they’re either dead or written off. Deku’s mother added a level of emotional investment that we’ve never gotten before.

In a way it’s like Naruto and Jiraiya. We all wanted to see Jiraiya’s reaction to seeing Naruto achieving his dream and were robbed of that opportunity. Now we might get that from Deku’s mom.

Overall, I was quite happy with the episode. It wasn’t action packed or anything but it did give us a more in depth of the character’s lives and how that will shape their future.

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