It seems that Sui Ishida’s Tokyo Ghoul:re is getting its own game. It’s a survival action game with online battles that has large groups divided into teams of Ghouls and Investigators, as well as online co-op play. I don’t know about you, but that sounds dope as hell!

So besides the scan that we got from the latest issue of V-Jump, there really isn’t much to go on by in terms of content. All we know is that according to the scan: the game will  feature a story from the perspective of three characters, will have online play that will probably have you choosing between the Ghouls and the Investigators, and will have some type of online co-op.


The game is currently confirmed for the PS4 in Japan. However, I have no doubt that once (hopefully) Bandai Namco picks up the title, it will be brought here to the West and for all the consoles, PS4, PC, Xbox One and Switch. Yeah, I said! I want a Switch version too. I’m that guy.

Anyways, besides the information that was given to us, we also have some screenshots to look at and oh boy do these look clean. There’s something about the aesthetic of the game that gives off the same type of vibe you’d get from watching the anime. It’s quite difficult to describe what I’m talking about but the game looks, from what I can tell, visually stunning.

What has gotten me most interested though is the online aspect. This whole choosing what side you’re going to represent and fight the other faction who could potentially be other player sounds dope as hell. I can kinda see it in this way: Along the three story characters that you’ll be following, the online portion will also allow you to create your own Ghoul/Investigators and you can level him/her up and customize it to your liking.

It really is too soon to tell but it has definitely gotten my interest so I’ll try to stay up to date with the game.

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