Can we talk about today’s episode? My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 11 (49) – One For All really hit my feels bro, this episode was so emotional charged that it’s hard to find any fault to it to be honest.

All Might’s time is running out as he faces his ultimate nemesis head on. All for One really knows how to push All Might’s button. He pulled no punches and knew exactly what to say to get in All Might’s head. Seeing All Might lose his cool was unreal. We’ve rarely seen this man get angry so this was epic to see. Meanwhile all the rest of Deku’s gang and the pubic could only do is watch from a far and cheer him on.

There wasn’t a lot of fighting as I’ve heard that the community weren’t too happy with this week’s episode, but I feel like they’re missing the point of the episode. To me this fight wasn’t about the physical strengths of either opponent but more of a psychological fight. All for One is publicly breaking down All Might and in doing so, is also breaking down the symbol of peace in front of the public.

Yes, it’s true that All Might won the physical clash, but All for One won the grander battle at large. The icing on the cake was the revelation that Tomura Shigaraki is Nana Shimura’s grandson. This news broke All Might. This entire time, he’s been fighting his mentor’s offspring and we will see that this has had an affected on him in future episode.


Overall, this episode was exactly how I expected it to turn out. It was such an emotional episode. All for One has only been on screen for a short amount of time and yet you can’t help but fell animosity towards him. That’s how you know he’s a savage villain. At the same time, I couldn’t help but cheer on All Might. Seeing him in such a vulnerable state and still fighting on, and winning that fight was pure hype. The music played at the right moments to really make the scene hype.

At the end of the fight All Might made it clear to Deku on TV that his time has ended and, the torch has officially been passed to Deku. It was such a great episode, that I find it had to find any fault on it.

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