I’m sure just like me, when you saw that JUMP FORCE E3 2018 trailer pop up on Microsoft’s E3 Press conference, you lost your mind at them revealing such an amazing looking anime game. However, after looking at the hundreds of gameplay videos posted on YouTube, I can’t help but feel like this game looks like hollow fan game that someone could’ve made on Unreal Engine.

I’ve always being the type of person that likes to stay real and speak my mind, not matter how the public might take it and this will possible piss some people off but I’m no longer as impressed with the game’s gameplay as I was two days ago. The “E3 Hype Goggles” are off and I’m beginning to see clearly. JUMP FORCES needs a lot, and I mean A LOT of improvements over the next couple of months before I feel its ready for a market release.


No one can deny that there’s  glaring problems with how the gameplay looks and feels at the moment. It looks static, inanimate and borderline mediocre. I know that some will say “but it’s a work in progress so that’s why it looks the way it those” but that’s not my problem, that’s their problem. They chose to reveal that game in that state and as such I will judge what I have been given and gauge the likelihood of JUMP FORCE being polished by 2019!

It has a lot of promise and I wish Spike Chunsoft all the best but I’ll remain neutral from now on until I see a significant improvement on literally everything gameplay related! Heck, if they gotta make sacrifices on the visually, I’d welcome it. Gameplay is more important that graphics, and this is coming from a guy that plays on PC. It’s ambitious but that still isn’t enough.

I’ll be keeping my eye out for this game and talk about it progress in an non-bias way. Let me know your thoughts on JUMP FORCE.

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