I’ve rarely reviewed any of the Bortuo episodes in the last few months and there’s a good reason for it. For a while now the episodes simple have failed to capture my interest. I’d tune in here and there just to make sure I’d keep track and not fall too far behind but ultimately felt like they’ve been lackluster. However, as of late the anime has really begun to pick up the pace and has even outperformed its movie counterparts in some areas. Today, I’d like to start dropping reviews for the anime, starting with BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS Episode 62 – The Otsutsuki Invasion.

The episode followed a similar routine as its movie counterpart, with some added twist to fill in the gaps. The most interesting parts of the episode was the fight between Gaara and Urashiki. I was wondering how they would tie him into the episode as Urashiki wasn’t in the movie, but they’ve handled it cleverly by having him fight Gaara in the sidelines. Now before I get into their fight, I have to talk about what Urashiki did to Mitsuki.

Mitsuki was about to go wild with his sage mode power when he was interrupted by Urashiki and had his sage mode stolen from him. Urashiki also commented that Mitsuki’s sage powers had attributes that not even the Otsutsukis were familiar with which I found very interesting. It seems for the meanwhile, Mitsuki has lost his sage power and will no longer be able to access it for a while. This also means that Urashiki has the power of a sage at his disposal and may use it if he needs it.


Anyways, going back to Gaara vs Urashiki. Their fight was pretty mediocre if I’m been honest. There was a lot of back and forth talking about naiveness and reading one’s movements. It wasn’t until the very end where we see Urashiki activate the Rinnengan, the same Rinnengan that Sasuke possess to escape the water vortex trap. As far as I’m aware, out of the three Otsutsuki memebers, Urashiki was the only one that displayed that kind of power. It’d be interesting to see how his character will progress over time.

The rest of the episode panned out almost the same as the movie, with the addition of scenes showing the villagers really passionate and concerned for their Hokage. We also saw Boruto having flashbacks to all of the times Naruto was there for him and this was the turning point for his character.

Overall the episode was entertaining and provided a lot of context. Besides the repeated scenes used in the episode, it wasn’t all too bad. It’s unfortunate that we will have to wait for a week before we get to see what happens next. I am quite curious to see if they will go with the manga route and use “that” design?

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