No leak could’ve prepared me for what Nintendo brought to the table at this years E3 2018. They announced Super Smash Bros ULTIMATE but this installment is the accumulation of all the previous game in one…plus some more!

You can tell that they really focused on creating a game that was both pleasing literally every smash fan on the planet and the hardcore fans who play the games at a competitive level. The saying “No Man left behind” couldn’t be more truer with ULTIMATE.

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Based on what they’ve shared with us at the Treehouse event, this game seems to be really competitive orientated. From the directional dodges to the perfect blocks. Everything seems to be leading to a more fast paced brawler, probably the fastest in the series. Now there was one thing that was mentioned by SAKURAI, and that was for us the fans to not expect too many characters to be revealed for the game. This may disappointed some fans but to be fair, they’ve done more than enough with ULTIMATE. I’d be OK with 5 characters max being revealed. Let me know your thoughts on the game.

Here’s an in depth video of me discussing my thought and impression of the game if you’re interested to hear more of my opinion.

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