I am lost for words, My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 10 (48) Symbol of Peace gave us what we’ve been waiting to see for months now and it’s only just the beginning.

Before I get into the review, I wanted to bring up a tweet about All for One that I made a few days ago that kinda blew up. In this tweet, I was trying to say that the fear that All for One induced to the kids and the heroes despite no one knowing who he was really showed the type of threat the posed. That and the music that came along with really gave me chills.


So anyways let me know your thoughts on that tweet. Let’s get back to the episode.

So the episode shows us the aftermath of All for One’s entrances to the scene. He congratulates the No. 4 Hero Jeanist on his quick reaction to saving his comrades from instant death. Jeanist, despite feeling utter fear still tries to attack All for One, only to get bodied! Now the way that scene was shown, I’m not sure if Jeanist is dead or not. I mean he did get a hole punch in his stomach so he could be dead. Right after that, Bakugo appears and the rest of the villain show up as well.

All for One then gave this monologue to Shigaraki, he never scolded him for his failures but instead comforted him and told him that he still has a long way to go but has done well so far. It wasn’t until the very end that we learn why All for One had such an interest in Shigaraki. It turns out that Shigaraki is the son of the former successor of One for All. When you think about it like that, it’s kinda interesting that the leader of the Leagues of Villain is the son of the former Symbol of Peace.

mha 2

Meanwhile, Deku and his friends come up with a plan to save Bakugo. Now I was with the plan and thought the scene with Bakugo flying towards them looked flawless and all but it got me thinking. So you’re telling me that, if Deku had screamed for Bakugo to “Come”, than man would’ve refused, despite the predicament he’s in? Crazy! I can see why a lot of people hate his character a lot. In the end though, it all work out and they used Kirishima as the guy to call Bakugo. Apparently Bakugo has accepted him as a friend and as an equal and that’s the reason why he responded to his call. I honestly can’t wait for Bakugo to accept Deku as his equal like that.

But lets not forget the fight between All Might vs All for One. Seeing someone who can match All Might blow for blow without issues and the calmness that All for One is showing really gets you feeling like “Oh shit, All Might…might actually lose”! See, with all the other villains, you knew that All Might would win easily but here it’s different. It could easily go either way. Also did anyone peak the hatred that All Might showed when fighting All for One. He really went for kill attacks each time and got hella triggered whenever All for One said anything. I’d like to see a flash back to when these two fought and really see what led to their hatred for each other. This ain’t no hero vs villain hate, that was some personal hate type of shit.

Anyways, this week’s episode was clean as well and if the preview is any indication as to what to come them I’m extremely hyped!

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