I was all the way hyped up watching My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 9 (47) – All For One. This is what I’ve been waiting for these past couple of months. Seeing All for One pull up on these heroes and doing what he did, friends, we are in for one hell of a treat in the next episode.

The episode starts out with Nezu, Eraser Head and a third hero been questioned for the incident that took place during the Summer Training camp. Despite the tough questions that the reporter posed, especially at the end, it was interesting to see how Eraser Head handled it all. It almost looked like he was about to blow his fuse but didn’t. However, the presentation was just a cover up catch the villains off guard and counter strike to save Bakugo.


Meanwhile, despite Bakugo’s hotheadedness, they did a pretty good job with his inner monologue. It showed that he can assess and evaluate his situation well. Of course before things could go bad, we then cut to the next scene with Deku and the rest uncovering that the League of Villains have an army of Nomus waiting to be unleashed. As Bakugo prepares to attack, All Might burst through the wall alongside the rest of the heroes and quickly apprehend the villains.

Leaving the villains with no other options, All for One begins to make his move. He encounters Jeansit, Mount Lady and the other heroes. Without even hesitating, All for One wipes out the entire heroes within seconds. I can’t tell whether they were killed off or not but judging from Deku, Todorki and the rest’s reaction to All for One presences, it save to say that RIP! He then releases a bunch of Nomus on the streets and on the heroes and things quickly starts going south.

The only take that I can say from the episode is All for One’s OST that played in the end. The music really helped create that feeling that all is now lost. The end is thoroughly near. I can’t wait to see next week’s episode and the fight that’s gonna take place. Trust me, this fight will be remembered for a long ass time.

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