As you are starting YouTube you might have heard the term “networks” thrown around a couple of times. Back then, getting your channel into a network was a big deal. It meant that your’re starting to make progress and are one step closer to achieving your dreams. Yeah, I was naive like that too. The truth is, all they’re good for is taking your cut of the revenue, if you’re small gaming channel.

A Multi Channel Network Partnership has been said to offer benefits to help your channel growth, and to be fair they do, I just never gotten it. In my time been a Youtuber, I never felt like I was getting the support I signed up for when I applied for a network. To be frank, I was young, naive and enthusiastically looking forward to legitimize my channel and feel like I’ve accomplished something. However, over the years I’ve come to realize that the only benefit to being part of a network as a gamer was to avoid getting copyrighted.


Some gave you other perks and have been quite useful but honestly you can do without those benefit. Quite frankly, what I’m trying to say is, if you aren’t brimming with life on your channel, creating outstanding content that helps you stand out, then I wouldn’t be to keen on trying to partner with a Network. The YouTube landscape is constantly changing and with that, what used to work last week won’t work again next week. I know it’s bad analogy but you get what I’m saying.

I personally recommend against the idea of joining a network  from my personal experience. Focus on building your channel first and get it to the point were you’ll be able to negotiate a great deal for yourself.

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