Back at it again with another Anime impression. Seriously, I gotta get my act together when it comes to keeping up with all these new anime coming out. Today we’ll be checking out To Be Heroine, one of weirdest amine to date.

Here’s a quick synopsis:

Following the first season’s gag action theme, the second season titled To Be Heroine features an original story and a new set of characters.

Everyone around Futaba expects her to grow up and become an adult, and she’s lost the ability to keep herself mentally balanced. At the bottom of her heart, her childish self is still there, and still strong. One day she wanders into another dimension, a world where the light has been lost, and darkness rules. The people there exist as babies wearing only their underpants. The clothes they wear can be summoned as powerful fighters called SpiCloths. In this world, a battle was being fought between light and darkness.


tbh1-1038x576 (1)

I won’t lie to you, the animation and visual art style in this anime is pretty damm cool, its got this DevilMan CryBaby vibe to it which I thought was pretty cool. The concept for this anime has to be one of the most bizarre things  I’ve seen to date. And I’ve seen a lot!

To Be Heroine starts out with a bit of an inner monologue from Futaba talking about how life stinks as an adult, which is understandable. However soon after, she’s thrown into another world where people use clothing to fight one another. The more clothes you take off, the more powerful you are in battle. The world is also inhabited by talking babies who wear diapers that are in fact their ultimate weapon and can only to be used as a last resort or otherwise they die. I kid you not!

It’s actually a pretty funny anime. Its ridiculousness really adds to its charm and at some points, you’ll catch yourself going “WTF” a couple of times. However, the fight scenes are not to be slept on too, these guys really throw down when it’s time and it’s engaging to watch.

I like the quirks of this anime and how it doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s worth the watch if you’re looking to pass the time. Although I’d recommend to wait for the anime to complete to binge watch it.

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