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So if you guys remember a couple of months back, we got the reveal teaser trailer for Sonic Racing, a new game that’s on the works. Now it seems that MAYBE, just maybe there might be another game in the works.

According to the official Sonic the Hedgehog twitter account, they teased the announcement for a brand new Sonic game:

Now initially, I just presumed it to be the Sonic RACING game that was teased a while back, seeing as Sonic Forces only came out around November 2017! My next best guess could be a sequel to the critical acclaimed Sonic Mania. I mean, it makes sense seeing how well received that game was with critics. If it’s not that, the it just means that we will soon be getting more information on Sonic RACING.

Speaking of Sonic R, this is what’s been speculated of the game so far;

As the name suggests, it’s a racing game but unlike Sonic and the All Stars Racing, it’s a little bit different. Characters like Sonic & Shadow will be racing on their own two feet while characters like Tails and Eggman will be using vehicles to keep up, If anything, this sounds like a console version of Sonic Rivals. Either way, I’m really intrigued by this concept as I’ve always wanted a racing game based on Sonic running on his own two feet, of course this all just speculation so we’ll have to wait and see!

Let me know what you expect for this Sonic RACING game!

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