This week’s My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 46 – From Iida to Midoriya wasn’t as action packed as the previous episode but it did provide a lot of progression towards saving Bakugo from the villains.

Now there isn’t whole lot for me to say or talk about in this episode, however I still wanted to discuss some of the things that did catch my interest.

As the students continue to discuss and argue about whether or not they should go save Bakugo, the adults begin their plans to infiltrate the villain’s hideout. Seeing all the top heroes gather together like that really helps solidify the fact that shit is really about to go down. Also did anyone catch Endeavor stink eyeing All Might? That had me laughing.

Meanwhile, Bakugo is currently been persuaded by the villains to join their side. I found this scene quite interesting. Although Shigaraki is a complete psychopath, he did make some rather interesting points.


Can you really call a person a hero if he’s been paid for it? What exactly constitutes someone being a true hero? I feel like Shigaraki has progressed and development a lot since his introduction to My Hero Academia and is shaping up to be a great villain for Deku.

Seeing Iida and Deku have their talk was also great character development for both of these characters, especially for Deku. Other than that, we can also saw the impact the villains have begun to have on the rest of society. Shigaraki brought up another good point in which he said that, why aren’t the people more understanding for the heroes mistakes? I think his point was that because the heroes are been paid, the world expects them to be perfect! Despite the fact the these heroes risk their lives to save the innocent, society aren’t understanding when they slip up. Instead, society chooses to ignore the good deeds of the past and focus more on their failure. It really reflects well with our society. We take things for granted and chew out anyone that slips up, regardless of them being human.

The episode really did a great job to be that narrative to light and really gets you thinking. I can’t wait for next week’s episode, to see how Bakugo will escape his dire situation.

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