The first event was held from May 11–13, 1995 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, and ever since then it’s been the center-point for all the latest game reveals across the world. However, as of late, I’ve been getting this notion that the Electronic Entertainment Expo is becoming obsolete and these game companies are finally starting to realize it.

Listen, remember when Nintendo stopped doing presentations at E3 and everyone thought they’ve thrown in the towel? Well, what if Nintendo was one of the first game companies to realize that they don’t need E3 to promote their games anymore. With their massive amount of reputation and influence, why should they spend money setting up a conference?


When you look at all the E3’s these past couple of years, what’s the one thing they all have in common? Leaks! With people constantly leaking stuff on the internet to get some clout and temporary fame, companies have literally lost any valid reason to surprise fans on the conference. I mean the same effect can be had by just uploading a trailer on YouTube and let the community market the games for you. Exactly what Nintendo has been doing. Now there’s talk that Sony isn’t’ even doing a traditional E3 conference. They’re  doing a PSX style event.

I mean when you really think about it, it kinda makes sense. Why spend all that money to reveal a game, only to have the internet leak 2 weeks in advance? If E3 ever gets shut down in the near future, at least you’d know who to blame.

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