Alright, we back at it again with another My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode review, following up the conclusion of the Summer training camp event that been taking place these past two or three episodes. The battle at the training camp concludes, and now the students and teachers of U.A. have to deal with the aftermath.

Before we get into all that, we gotta talk about the quick interaction they had with the villains. First of all Dabi’s a fucking beast in this episode. Like When I read the manga, I didn’t get this vibe from him at all and ultimately forgot about him. But after seeing this scene animated, he shot up to top 10 favorite My Hero Academia character. Of course, he want be travelling up alone as Himiko Toga also became a favorite. I mean, usually I don’t care too much for the crazies, but when Shoji jumped in to prevent her from cutting Deku and she got all serious, I was like damm!

Anyways, after their little scuffle, the team thought they had save Tokoyami and Bakugo and began to flee on to realize that Mr. Compress had tricked them into believing that he had them in his right pocket. Just when all seemed lost, out of fucking nowhere, Aoyama fires his laser at Mr. Compress causing him to drop the two heroes. Both Shoji and Todoroki make a charge towards the fallen orbs and although Shoji was successful in saving Tokoyami, Todoroki was intercepted by Dabi and failed to save Bakugo


Deku upon realizing this ran at the villain in an desperate attempt to save his friend. This man is in agony and he still has the strength to get up and try to save his friend, Bakugo in the meantime literally looks this man dead-square into the windows of his soul and told him to fuck off. Typical Bakugo! The scene ends with Deku screaming in agony of the failure to save his friend. That art style though was clean AF!

After the event, the U.A. is under fire of the poor handling of the training camp and its trust is beginning to diminish. Skipping all that boring noise, we get to Deku in the hospital bed, surrounded by his friends and after a quick chat of learning the whereabouts of the villain hideout, discuss whether or not they should go and save Bakugo or leave it to the pros.

Overall, this was a very dope episode, the emotion carried in episode really hit the nail and the animation was great as always. We’re getting even closer to the great fight of the century and I truly can’t wait to see that shit animated.

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