Aside from Super Smash Bros that coming to the Switch, the other Nintendo game that I’m also interesting in is the new Pokemon game, Pokemon LET’S GO Pikachu & Pokemon LET’S GO Eevee that’s coming to the Nintendo Switch!

From all the leaks and rumors that we’ve heard so far, it’s sounding like this new installment of the Pokemon game is going to push the boundaries of what we’ve come to expect from Pokemon game. There’s talk of the game having a mixture of both the Sun/Moon and Pokken Tournament graphics and being an RPG game. I mean the RPG game isn’t to much to go on, considering that the Pokemon games have always been RPG orientated. Of course, there’s also the whole open world aspect as well.


Looking at all these features, Pokemon Switch is looking to be one of the most visually impressive games thus far. However, all that means nothing as most of the community are focused on one aspect, will this game be generation 8 or a remake of the Kanto region. Personally, I’d prefer the generation 8, simply because I’m done with Kanto region. I mean, it’d be fun to see a re-imagining of the Kanto region but I’d much prefer a brand new region with some brand new Pokemon.

As for the Open World aspect, that is something I’m not sure how that going to work but nevertheless I’m quite intrigued by it. We’ve seen exampled by fans over the years but this is going to be made by Gamefreak/Pokemon Company so you know there’s going to be certain level of quality from them.

Another thing I’d like to see the addition for seeing at least one of your Pokemon following you on your adventures. I mean, if we going by what the rumors are saying, this shouldn’t be an issue, hardware wise. While we’re at it, aside from the classic single player experience which we all know will be great, I’d like to see a multiple aspect in which we can walk around and see other players in real-time. I think that would be revolutionary for the Pokemon series. They could add it as a feature once you complete the game. Your open world fill be then filled with other players who have also finished the game and you can interact with them. Of course, having the option to turn that feature of would we a nice addition too.

Anyways, whatever the game ends up being, it’s clear that the Pokemon community will eat it up. For now, all leaks and rumors will need to be taken with a grain of salt until E3 2018 rolls around.

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