After months of waiting for this game, it finally dropped on both PSN and Nintendo store. BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle upcoming 2D fighting game developed and published by Arc System Works, to be released on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows has reached my hands and I’m here to share my thoughts and impressions of it.

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle is an upcoming 2D fighting game developed and published by Arc System Works, to be released on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows in 2018. It l features characters from the BlazBlue, Persona 4 Arena, Under Night In-Birth and RWBY franchises by Arc System Works, Atlus, French Bread, and Rooster Teeth respectively.

According to the story, A singularity called the Phantom Field is mixing the reality of Blazblue with three other universes, members of those worlds abruptly summoned while instructed by a mysterious voice that they must protect the keystone in order to return to their homes. But as the Keystone is divided into four among the groups, it results in a battle to acquire them. Of course 80% of you guys probably don’t care too much about the story or the reason behind why these characters fates have intertwined.


The core focus of this game is its 2v2 battles and tag-ins and fighting mechanic in general, Now I’m don’t have the knowledge or know the terminologies too much when it comes to fighting games. I’m basically a noob who’s above average, skills wise at best. I got to play the Switch version of the game as that where I plan to purchase the game. I also got it on the PS4 version but have playing the game on PS4, I reverted back to the Switch as I saw no difference, visually-wise, in fact I personally thought the game looked better on the Switch handheld mode, as opposed to its PS4-counterpart. The controls on the Switch weren’t to bad either, I had no trouble performing some of the combos I had learned once I’d configured the button layout.

One of the core features that you’ll notice when you first start up the game and play your first match is that one, it’s auto-combo based, similar to the well received Dragon Ball FighterZ and two from what I’ve heard, the game is peer to peer network. Now when it comes to auto-combos, I actually have not problems with it. The game isn’t ruined by it and actually allows for more people to enter into the fighting game scene without any worry. That been said, dealing with an auto-combo player is actually easy too. Once you learn your characters combos, when you come across an opponent who’s clearly just suing the auto-combos, it’s easy to make short work of him and punish him for relying too much on it.

The peer to peer aspect is the one thing I don’t like at all. The game should’ve been made with servers in place. Having to rely on another person’s internet to not suck ass, in a game that require smooth frame-rate is ridiculous. Hopefully I’m wrong in this area. Overall, I’ve had a blast with the game. It’s definitely worth picking up. It’s friendly to newcomers and rewards players who sit down and learn the ins and outS of the fighting mechanic.

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