We back at it again with another My Hero Academia Season 3 episode review. Continuing off from last weeks episode, Deku and Shoji try to deal with an out of control Tokoyami.

The students and teachers of U.A. are still fighting in the woods, with Deku and Shoji trying to come up with a plan to stop a rampaging Tokoyami. Seeing Tokoyami unleashed a good portion of his power like that made be realize just how powerful this character really is and the potential he’ll have in the future. He swiftly and easily took down one of the villains that Todoroki and Bakugo had troubles dealing with in seconds.

We then cut to Tsui and Ochaco fighting Togi in the forest. You know, that fight scene was pretty cool in itself, and displayed Ochaco’s progress as a hero pretty well. Of course the star of that battle was Toga. She’s completely nuts but it’s that personalty of her’s that really made that scene epic. After a short fight, she manages to steal a small portion of Ochaco’s blood and dips.



Also, I was quite surprise by Shoji calmness in this episode. I kept getting this Kakashi vibe from him which I thought as pretty cool.

Deku also continues to showcase that great tactical mind of his, easily formulating a plan, while in the condition that he’s in, in order to catch up and take down the villain known as Mr. Compress who managed to capture both Tokoyami and Bakugo. The episode ends with them arriving in front of Dabi, Toga and Twice.

Overall, once again this episode was epic as hell and did not drop the pace from last week’s episode. There’s nothing to complain  to be honest, everything in the episode helped push the narrative forward and nothing felt like an unnecessary scene. I honestly can’t wait till the get to that certain part in the manga. Now that’s going to be one for the history books

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