The epicness continues with My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 5 (44) as Deku goes into the fray to warn everyone of the villains true target, Bakugo!

Izuku finally makes it back to the training camp only to leave again with a message for Mandalay to broadcast. Before all of that though, Aizawa makes contact with one of the villain, Dabi. Of course, Aizawa wastes no time apprehending Dabi and really shows his savagery by breaking both of Dabi’s hands without hesitation. We then find out that Dabi was in fact a clone sent to keep the heroes busy while they try to capture Bakugo and bring him to their hidden base.


Meanwhile Itsuka Kendo and Tetsutetsu discover the source of the gas and after a short interaction and fight scene, they were able to defeat the gas man. I honestly thought that was a pretty cool fight scene and it offered great, although small, character development for both Itsuka Kendo and Tetsutetsu.

Besides that, we see Deku travelling across the forest to tell Mandalay that Kota is save so she could focus on the fight while simultaneously relaying the message that Aizawa wanted to spread to the student. All while being seriously injures. Even Aizawa stated that one Deku slows down, he’ll most likely pass out from the injury he suffered. But seeing him still move around like that really shows how far Deku as come and he’s only going to get stronger from here on out.

Now that the students have permission to fight the villains, the next episode should be interesting to see. That and how Deku and Mezo Shoji are going to stop an out of control Tokoyami.

Overall, I was quite pleased with this episode. It wasn’t as epic as last week’s episode but that to be expect. We can’t be having fire episode back to back or otherwise we’d all be out of homes. Let me know your thoughts,

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