I know it’s been a while since I done a review for My Hero Academia but I want to start that trend again and since this episode is from one of the fight I’ve been waiting to be animated, I couldn’t resist!

The fight between Deku and that MUSCULAR guy was pretty damm intense. Every second had me on the edge of my sit. I’ve been waiting for months to see that fight get animated and I can say that it was a lot better that I could have hoped. Seeing Deku’s growth from the time he got his quirk has really been amazing. And the voicing acting in that scene where Deku used “One for All 100,000,000%” was on some other world level amazing.


The animation, music and overall art-style really captured the mood of the fight so damn well, something I think you couldn’t get from just reading the manga. I would’ve lost my shit if I hadn’t seen the manga. Let me know your thoughts on the episode. I feel like this is already hands down one of the best episode of the season.

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