So I just saw Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War in cinema last night and oh lord do I have an impression for you guys today. 

Listen, everyone who walked into that cinema knew that people are about to be slaughtered by Thanos. It’s unavoidable when you consider what this film is all about. And it delivered. From the moment Thanos came on-screen to the last scene of him looking out into the horizon, Thanos showed no mercy and killed off heroes that I honestly weren’t expecting to die. Like, every prediction I had was proven wrong and that made me happy personally as I was left wondering, “who’s next” and “how in the hell are they gonna stop this guy”. Of course in the comics, we know how they brought back everyone and took down Thanos, but this is the MCU we’re talking about. Not everything will pan out how we expected it.


The pacing of this film was exactly how I wanted it to be, there was no build up to Thanos’s arrival, but instead we jump right into the action. We see Thanos murder the entire Asgardian refugees on-board the ship right at the start of movie, followed by both Loki and Heimdall demise, leaving Thor as the sole survivor. Bruce also survived thanks to Heimdall, but ever since then The Hulk as refused to come out and fight. I found that part to be very interesting as you’d never imagine that The Hulk could feel fear like that!

We didn’t get to see what happened to Valkyrie and the other members of the Ragnarok crew so it’s safe to assume that they too “may” have been killed as well.


Right after that, many other major heroes began to fall one after the other such as Black Panther, Spider-Man, Sam Wilson, some members of the Guardian of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange and Vision. Oddly enough, it was Spider-Man’s death that got me the most. In that moment when he realizes that something was wrong, he reminded me that Peter in the MCU was just a kid, and the way he begged for Tony to save him kinda got to me. Of course we know that these heroes are coming back as they all have sequels planned but that still doesn’t take away from the impact of their death.

Glamora’s death was another one that I didn’t expect to happen they way it did. I thought Thanos didn’t care for anything but the Mistress of Death, however seeing him shed a tear after realizing what he had to do and the way they handled Glamora was pretty cool in my opinion.

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Now if I had one pet peeve about the movie in its entirety, it would be when Vision was asking Scarlet Witch to kill him and she refused. That scene annoyed the hell out of me. In the cinema, I kept muttering, “he’s a damm robot”. The faith of the universe hangs on the balance and these guys weigh a robot’s existence over that half a trillion lives. That was dumb in my opinion but I let that one slide because I remembered that Thanos had the Time stone and could easily have reversed time like he did in the movie.

The pacing was great, not once did I feel like the movie was rushed and everyone’s performance was amazing. Thanos actor Josh Brolin in particular did really well. Overall this movie was everything I was expecting from a Marvel film that involves Thanos and the Infinity Stones. It honestly did not disappoint and lived up to my hype at the very least.


Let me know your thoughts on the movie.

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