As someone who’s currently on his journey to establishing his own virtual empire, I’ve watched and read my fair share of motivational and entrepreneurial contents. Most of them always sang the same tune: “If you want to achieve your dreams, you gotta go at it 100%” but what does that even mean and is it viable at this day and age!

Everybody wants to succeed, everybody wants to be their own boss. We wanna choose our own times on when they come in to work and achieve a sense of self-actualization. We’ve seen many others achieve this kind of success with the internet, coming from seemingly nowhere and achieving their dreams before our very eyes. From the outside it looks easy, but not many people know of their sacrifices. Now these same people have gone on the mic and are encouraging others to follow their own dreams.

The problem with that is, some have interpreted it as quitting their jobs and/or taking a huge amount of risk with no certainty of success. We’ve seen it on YouTube for example, with YouTubers quitting their jobs to pursue YouTube full-time, only to realize that maybe that may not have been the best move for them. I am not saying that these people have made a mistake or that it should stop you for making your move to claim your dreams. What I’m getting at is, what may have worked for one person, won’t work for another. That’s why you gotta Play smart if you want to win.


In order to take the first step into realizing your dreams, you gotta make sure your financially stable. If you can’t support yourself with the basic stuff like food and a roof over your head, how can you possible pave the way to your own dream job. You gotta be Plan smart. Smart, Cunning and Patience! These three are your best friends in anything.  Entrepreneurship is the process of designing, launching and running a new business, which is often initially a small business and an Entrepreneur is a person who takes on financial risks in the hope of profit. Planning carefully and been realistic is the best route to go!

Focus more on the community building aspect, rather than getting the numbers. You know, follows, views, subs etc. and all the other things people seem to be more focused about! What you want is people who will fuck with your shit on some loyal ass shit. Yes, that’s the only way I can put it that will get my point across. Engagement is the true king! Work smart! Analyse everything and use every information at your disposable to get the upper-hand. The resources and blueprints are already out there. There’s no need to  start anything from scratch. And most importantly, DO NOT SEE PEOPLE AS ENEMIES! People tend to make that kind of mistake a lot. If you’re in the same field of niche as someone else, be nice! You never know who you’ll see at the top.

Nowadays, when companies or sponsors look at someone’s page, they’re aren’t looking too much at how many followers you got, they’re more interested in how many of those followers are on your wave aka who’s clicking and been active with the content you post.What I’m getting at is that you gotta work smart too and not just excessively post out content for the sake of keeping up with you competition. You gotta ensure that YOUR personality shines through what you do.

And lastly, you gotta Dream smart! You can dream big but dream smart. What I mean is, as you’re dreaming  your dream, try to picture a build the road that you’ll use to get to your dream. That way, it’ll help you gauge the possibility of your dream and help you plan accordingly.

Hope this has helped you out in some shape or form.

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