I can’t believe I went this long without even mentioning this film on this blog. I’m not sure I can even call myself a fan anymore. Well, better late than never I guess. Today, I want to talk about my prediction and excitement for My Hero Academia the Movie: The Two Heroes.

My Hero Academia the Movie: The Two Heroes is an animated movie that was announced in the 2018 issue of the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, with a key visual revealed at Jump Festa 2018 on December 16, 2017.

According to Kohei Horikoshi, the movie will delve into the backstory of a character that was already introduced. The movie would be set just after the Final Exams Arc, on an island called, “I Island”, which was briefly shown in the promotional trailer. The story will apparently focus on the Forest Training Camp Arc, and will have a focus on All Might.

The teaser trailer for this movie even showed a young All Might with beaming clear eyes. Now I’m honestly very excited to learn more about All Might’s past and I’m curious as to what element from his past the movie will be focusing on. If I were to pick a moment in that past that I’d like to see, it would’ve been his fight against the one who gave him that infamous injury. Can you imagine the animation for that fight scene. It would’ve been off the scale epic. Problem is, it may not fit with the timeline of this movie.


I’m mean we know that he’s taking Deku, and possible the entire Class – 1A to this island, so they could fit it in as a flashback. The only other thing that they might tell us could be his earlier days as a newly host of the One for All and how he fought his first biggest challenge.

In the teaser trailer we see what looks to be a happy (well more innocent looking) All Might glaring back at the audience with his eyes visible to us. A lot of people lost their minds because of that but I didn’t care all that much. I mean, we all knew he had blue eyes, we’ve seen glimpses of it. If you ask me, seeing his normal eyes kinda makes him look creepy as hell.

I could sit here all day and speculate but I wouldn’t get any closer to figuring out what they’ll show so I’ll wait patiently for the movie to show. Let me know how excited you are for the movie.

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