I’m sure just like the rest of you guys who are awaiting the premiere of Avenger: Infinity War, we’ve all been making theories on what we expect to see in this epic conclusion to what has been a decade of world building. Who’s gonna die? Who’s coming back alive? Will Haweye get some respect put on his name? Well today, I want to share my own predictions for this movie.

Now to get the easy one out of the way, we all know Captain America is a goner. C’mon, it’s like the man has a target mark on his back. It’s destined. I’m speculating that Captain America will most likely be killed off in the first part, which will allow Sam Wilson to take the reign as the next Captain America in the second movie. I personally think that this would be the perfect scenario for the title to be passed on.

Another one of my speculations, which actually is a prediction that many in the community have been making, is that something is going to go wrong during the fight, which will end up bringing some people aka villian back from the dead. Maybe Spiderman touches the Time stone and basically reboots the entire universe….nah, but shit it might happen.


Now another speculation is about the Soul Stone. My guess is that we’ve probably have seen it but never realized it. You know how Heimdall is able to find anyone in the nine realms and can see over ten trillion souls. What if it’s the Soul Stone that has been given Heimdall his abilities this whole time. I know many believe the Soul stone to be in Wakanda, but maybe we’ve been looking at the wrong place this entire time. And in order for Thanos to acquire the Soul Stone though ( because we all know he will) he’ll have to kill Heimdall for it. Man, I don’t want Heimdall to be killed off but if this is true then I guess we all better start saying out goodbyes.


And the last speculation is something that I’d really like to see. And that is the introduction of the Skrull and their SECRET INVASION. That would be so cool. I mean with all that’s going on, the Skrulls have the perfect opportunity in invade Earth undetected. It’d be a great way to end off the first “arc” of the MCU and introduce a new one. It’d be also a great way to finally bring in some new faces like the X-men, both Ms. Marvels, Nova, Miles Morale and many more. There was rumor that Scarlett Johanssen slipped up during an interview on The Late Show and confirmed that at one point, 61 or 62 Marvel characters will be in the film. That’s crazy if it’s true. Just thinking about it, gets me so hyped up.

So let me know your thoughts, predictions and theories for the movie as we count down the premiere for one Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War

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