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So in case you’re weren’t aware, Bandai Namco held a closed beta for 10,000 participates and I was fortunate enough to get access to the beta. So I wanted to share my thought of the game with you guys.

Below you’ll find two videos that I’ve made which go through the game as I share my thoughts and opinion.

To give you a short summary, it’s actually a really fun game. Dragon Ball Legends works on a rock-paper-scissors mechanic which can be quite interesting at times. Along with that, there’s a deep character progression in place that will keep you busy as to play to strengthen your units.

The graphics really speaks for itself. It’s amazing and vibrant and keeps you engage as you try to out outmaneuver your opponent. Is it a Dokkan killer? It’s too soon to tell, but if you disliked Dokkan and have been looking for an alternative, the Dragon Ball Legends might very well be for you.

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