Just like the blue blur himself, Mario is also joining on the big screen with is own movie made by the studio behind Minions. So I wanted to talk about what I expect to see from a Mario movie.

Unlike Sonic’s movie, I have little doubt it’s going to be straight garbage. Nintendo have always been super protective of their IP and are more likely to stop anything that going to destroy the plumbers reputation. The film is being co-produced by Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Mario and Chris Meledandri, best-known for his work on the Despicable Me franchise.

Now the question is, what type of story will they tell with Mario. Unlike Sonic, Mario’s been basically doing the same thing. Princess Peach gets captured by Bowers and Mario goes of on an adventure to save her.


Same gag, different game. All signs point to it possibly been an origin story for the new generations who may not know much about Mario himself. Maybe they might tell a completely new story and recon his origin for everyone. Or it’s going to be the same story but in higher details and on the big screen.

I’m quite interested to see what direction they’ll the Mario into with this movie. Besides knowing that Nintendo confirmed reports that it’s working on an animated Super Mario movie with Illumination, we know next to nothing. Overall, because it’s a Mario movie, I have a sighly higer expectation for it than I do for the Sonic movie, unless I hear they too are doing the whole CGI/hybrid stick, then I’ll lose faith in this movie too.

Let me know your thoughts in comments below about this movie.

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