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Should Microsoft Drop Out Of The Console Market?

The Xbox One, sometimes I forget this thing even exists. The most powerful console on the market is also the console with the weakest exclusives I’ve ever seen as a gamer. Should Xbox and Microsoft just call it quits at this point?

This blog’s perspective is coming from someone who owns a Gaming PC (as well as a PS4 and a Switch). When I look at a console, I look for what exclusives they have to offer. I know a lot of people have their stances when it comes to exclusives but for me it’s important. Most of the time, we buy consoles based on how many of our peers have them. The majority usually dedicates the decision. However, when I look at the Xbox One and X, I can’t help but feel bad for it.

They literally in my opinion have nothing on their table. People clown Nintendo a lot for mediocre, child-like games but they usually end shutting those people up when they release EXCLUSIVES that always brings in new fans. Same with the PS4.


The PS4 is home to some great exclusives and anime games. On the Xbox One side, they do have “exclusives” but those game are also on PC, defeating any chances of even considering buying a Xbox One. The PS4 simply has a much stronger lineup of console exclusives than the Xbox One. And now the Switch is looking to take Xbox by the throat with their upcoming line up of games.

However the Xbox One X may have something that could give it the edge in 2018. Unlike the PS4 pro which is great in it’s own right, isn’t on the same league as the Xbox One X. The Xbox One X was made for players who want peak performance and superior graphics, and developers may take advantage of that in 2018. It’s unlikely that the Japaneses market will support the console anytime soon, but it still has a chance with the Western world.

Should Microsoft drop out of the console market? No! I don’t want them to, as competition is healthy for everyone and despite the Switch’s success, still wouldn’t give the PS4 trouble…yet. Xbox needs to show us what they’ve got at E3 this year. They had some good stuff but ultimately,  lost half of those games. We’ll see what the future holds for Microsoft.

Let me know your thoughts on the Xbox One




10 thoughts on “Should Microsoft Drop Out Of The Console Market?

  1. Are you kidding me…the Xbox One X is smashing the PlayStation 4 Pro inevery possible way..the 4K era is here the X1X is even now converting PS4 EXCLUSIVES like No Mans Sky, HellBlade, Crash Bandicoot in glorious 4K. Unlike the poor attempt of the Pro versions, the X is proving to be even more of hit than anticipated! Only 5 months into the console with over 100+ enhanced games * a fast growing backwards compat list, the X is in its own league & is paving the way for the next Xbox due later next year which will be most likely the last of the console era as we move into 4K game streaming via 5G internet!

    1. Buy a PC are you not very clued up re price of graphic cards these days?
      An equivalent card that would compare to an Xbox One X is MORE EXPENSIVE than an Xbox One X in itself. same old PC fan boys trying to big up PC when in fact you CAN’T buy or build a PC for anywhere near the same price for spec!

      The PlayStation 4 Pro struggles to output 1800p let alone 2160p 4K lol.
      Every multiplat is superior on the Xbox One X.. there is no competition between the Pro & the X; it’s strictly n Xbox One X crown for 4K console gaming!

      1080p / 900p gaming died years ago..hence why Xbox gave up on the original Xbox One 2013 model & discontinued it.

  2. Think you need to re evaluate the word EXCLUSIVE since these days that is not a major factor as all developers now want thier games on every platform, hence TIMED EXCLUSIVES. We are moving away from the old skool tradition of certain games staying for good on one platform, & who doesn’t want the best 4K output of the game these days?

    1080p gaming is now very old tech..the PS4 is weak in that department & has lost its appeal tpo the fast growing 4k enthusiasts… the PS4 Pro was a waste of tech where Sony tried outpacing Xbox with an attempt to get in the 4K market before MS, it failed, it was released too early & was not even close to what the X is now dishing out!

    Oh by the way.. I take it you were one of those that believed the Pro would suddenly double in power over night with the SECRET SAUCE? Lol

    Yes PlayStation has many games that make it appealing..but that is soon becoming apparent that Xbox is stealing those highpoint games less than a year on & transforming them into real 4K masterpieces. I rather wait 6-12 months & showcase those same PS4 games on an Xbox One X in real 4K delight!

    1. Yes I DO buy a new console every 2 – 3 years… I bought the Pro, The Xbox One S & Xbox One X & will buy the new Xbox One & PS5 next year too!

      We now live in a gaming era where its like buying an Iphone every year… no difference.
      I have had my 4K TV for 3 years now.. the Xbox One S was my first delve into 4K upscale gaming..but the X just smashes every console out there to date! Luv it!

  3. I own every Xbox gen, own a PC with a 950GT & had the Pro before the X… so im not biased, just know for a fact the X smashes the Pro in every way…FACT!

    Yes PlayStation does have many games..but that is changing now Xbox is enticing developers to use the power of the X & jeez dont they mean business when the developers go all out!

    HELLBLADE looks stunning on the X… people who waited will not be disappointed as we all knew these games were coming to Xbox One X, & now it will shame those PS4 pro owners!

    Funny how PlayStation wont play ball re CROSSPLAY with xbox too!
    Is it because they are worried Xbox gamers have the advantage in resolution & performance like in Fortite? 1080p on PS4 Pro.. 4K on Xbox One X lol.

    1. Lol… the X has outsold the PS4 Pro, especially here in the UK where we have the highest gaming revenue. No one wants to buy a Pro for half copped 4K when the X smashes those ultimate blockbuster games in better resolution & performance.

      PS4 Pro & PSVR have been reduced here due to poor sales… now there is rumours of VR coming to Xbox with an E3 announcement with Halo VR rumoured, that would kill the Pro off dead if true! 1440p VR & MIXED REALITY on Xbox WIRELESSLY… can imagine the crowds of PS4 owner shaking thier heads at that one ! Lol

      POWER always mattered.. just like when PS3 came out with the famous saying “1080p makes ya a better gamer” Ironic that the PS4 Pro still plays most games in 1080p lol.

  4. I take it you don’t know PC games are coming to Xbox this year?
    Plus have you heard of Nvidia Now?

    You don’t need a powerful PC to play games no more… its the future where the power is in the cloud..thats where Xbox is gaming as so is Google..consoles are changing & I beleive the next Xbox will be a PC Windows 10 / Xbox multi media streaming device. The physical side of games isnt gonna last…Xbox has future proofed this via backwards compat so they are ready for the full digital experience no matter what device you are on, PC, Laptop, Android, IOS, Surface tablet, Xbox etc.

    its not about how many games sale anymore..its about the audience that can play them!

  5. we will see just how well cloud gaming has come when CRACKDOWN 3 is released & on Xbox Game Pass too. This could be the ultimate game changer in how we play games if it lives up to the version we saw at E3 2015.

    Microsoft is now opted change their whole gaming & even Windows approach fore AI & Cloud.. so it looks like the next few years we’ll see a huge change in gaming & PS5 meanwhile will still most likely NOT include backwards compat as there as still too many fools that will still simply buy a REMASTER of a REMASTER each gen! Lol

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