The Xbox One, sometimes I forget this thing even exists. The most powerful console on the market is also the console with the weakest exclusives I’ve ever seen as a gamer. Should Xbox and Microsoft just call it quits at this point?

This blog’s perspective is coming from someone who owns a Gaming PC (as well as a PS4 and a Switch). When I look at a console, I look for what exclusives they have to offer. I know a lot of people have their stances when it comes to exclusives but for me it’s important. Most of the time, we buy consoles based on how many of our peers have them. The majority usually dedicates the decision. However, when I look at the Xbox One and X, I can’t help but feel bad for it.

They literally in my opinion have nothing on their table. People clown Nintendo a lot for mediocre, child-like games but they usually end shutting those people up when they release EXCLUSIVES that always brings in new fans. Same with the PS4.


The PS4 is home to some great exclusives and anime games. On the Xbox One side, they do have “exclusives” but those game are also on PC, defeating any chances of even considering buying a Xbox One. The PS4 simply has a much stronger lineup of console exclusives than the Xbox One. And now the Switch is looking to take Xbox by the throat with their upcoming line up of games.

However the Xbox One X may have something that could give it the edge in 2018. Unlike the PS4 pro which is great in it’s own right, isn’t on the same league as the Xbox One X. The Xbox One X was made for players who want peak performance and superior graphics, and developers may take advantage of that in 2018. It’s unlikely that the Japaneses market will support the console anytime soon, but it still has a chance with the Western world.

Should Microsoft drop out of the console market? No! I don’t want them to, as competition is healthy for everyone and despite the Switch’s success, still wouldn’t give the PS4 trouble…yet. Xbox needs to show us what they’ve got at E3 this year. They had some good stuff but ultimately,  lost half of those games. We’ll see what the future holds for Microsoft.

Let me know your thoughts on the Xbox One




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