Looks like the anime spring is already in full effect and it’s not holding back any punches. 

 Here’s the synopsis for the “new” anime dropping this April:

The 150-year-long stalemate between the two interstellar superpowers, the Galactic Empire and the Free Planets Alliance, comes to an end when a new generation of leaders arises: the idealistic military genius Reinhard von Lohengramm, and the FPA’s reserved historian, Yang Wenli.

While Reinhard climbs the ranks of the Empire with the aid of his childhood friend, Siegfried Kircheis, he must fight not only the war, but also the remnants of the crumbling Goldenbaum Dynasty in order to free his sister from the Kaiser and unify humanity under one genuine ruler. Meanwhile, on the other side of the galaxy, Yang—a strong supporter of democratic ideals—has to stand firm in his beliefs, despite the struggles of the FPA, and show his pupil, Julian Mintz, that autocracy is not the solution.

As ideologies clash amidst the war’s many casualties, the two strategic masterminds must ask themselves what the real reason behind their battle is.


Now, Legend of the Galactic heroes was adapted from a series of ten novels, which aired from Jan 8, 1988 to Mar 17, 1997. It looks like this going to me a remaster of sorts, with new visuals and animations. It does look super amazing and interesting too. It has been awarded the Seiun Award for the best long-form Japanese science fiction in 1988 so it’s worth checking out.

It’s planned for a 12 episodes series so once the first few episodes drop on Crunchyroll, I’ll be sure to check it out. Usually, I’m not too keen on CGI’s in anime, but I can’t lie, the eCGI does look stunning in Legend of Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These. I’ll be sure to drop my first impressions of it as soon as possible.

Check out the trailer for it below.

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