Dances with the Dragons is a new anime heading to crunchy-roll and it looks pretty cool from what I can tell.

Jushiki, a system for reproducing natural phenomena and paraphysical acts such as the creation of matter, allows humans to wield a power which they once feared as “magic.” Its mastery has brought advancements to all fields of life, while facilitating the extermination of the once-rampant “Dragons” and “Others.” Gaius and Gigina, two combat-type jushiki wielders, run an office in a chaotic frontier town called Eridana, and make a living using their art to solve problems and collect bounties. One day, a dragon-hunting job falls into their laps. But the job is just the start of a plot that goes far deeper…

Featuring a painstakingly drawn unique magic system known as jushiki and two protagonists who play off of each other with incredible energy, “Dance with the Dragons” is based on the pioneering dark light novel of the same name. Known for its unflinching depicting of the cruelty of the world, the 19-volume work from Shogakukan Gagaga Bunko was long said to be unfilmable, but now, starting in April 2018, it’s getting an animated series airing on TBS and BS-TBS. The story of Gaius and Gigina, natural enemies and best partners, is about to begin!

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