Confused by the title? Don’t worry I’ll explain myself in this blog, just know that YouTube has lost their damm mind with their handling of push notification for subscribers.

So ealry this week, a video surfaced on YouTube where some of the members from YouTube’s team came and talk about some of the new features that’s coming for YouTube. Sounds pretty OK so far right? Well things took a very interesting turn. Near the end of the video, they FINALLY addressed one of the biggest concerns content creators have had for years now, and that’s the handling of sub system. It turns out that YouTube DOES NOT PUSH YOUR VIDEOS TO THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE CHOSEN TO SUB TO YOUR CHANNEL. OK let me calm down for a bit, phew  lost my cool there for a sec.

Like I was saying, YouTube has a system in which they are the one who chooses who gets to see the video based of “likelihood of the subscriber clicking on the video”, I mean damm I didn’t know we’re leaving our faith to luck now. If you want to check out the video, I’ll link the actual tweet video below.

Now if you’re wondering what I think of all this mess, well I actually made a video expressing my thoughts on this whole matter. If you don’t have time to watch the video, then I’ll give you the short summary of it: IT’S FUCKING STUPID. YouTube has LOST IT’S DAMM MIND! Twitch is looking real nice right about now.

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