I haven’t been keeping up with what’s happening with the manga version of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation, but when rumors of Kashin Koji been Jiraiya himself making a possible return started surfacing, I had to chime in.

So if you’re just as lost as I am, then lets recap. So Boruto and his team are on a mission to escort Naruto’s Prosthetic Hand to a research facility outside of town. It’s that we get introduced to one of the members of the Kara group, KASHIN KOJI. From the outside looking in, he “kinda bears a resemblance to Jiraiya and he summoned a toad but something about that just doesn’t sit well with me.

However before I go into all that, lets explore some of the possibility if it’s in fact Jiraiya. Ignoring how he may have survived his battle with Pain, the question now remains, why is he doing what he’s doing? Has become part of the cliche “You either die a hero or live long enough to become a villain”. See that alone could work, as most good guys who spent their enitire lives fighting the good fight, only for live to kick them down may result in a switch in morals, but Jiraiya isn’t someone like that, or at least I hope not.

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Or is there something more to it. Say, pulling a Itachi. What I mean by this is, Jiraiya could be pretending to be another person, infiltrating various organisations and take them down from within, protecting everyone from the shadows like a true ninja. But instead of relaying information back to the village like Itachi, he instead acts alone.

Either way, for him to be brought back after what seemed to be a perfect ending to his legacy, really undermines it. I want to see Jiraiya again in the series, interacting with Boruto and Naruto, but not like this. Although it would make for a great story and plot twist.

Overall, I personally don’t think it’s Jiraiya himself per se, it could just be someone who resemblance him a lot or it could be one of Jiraiya’s illegitimate son. I mean we ALL knew Jiraiya was popular with the ladies. I can’t wait to see who this Kashin Koji fellow rally is underneath that mask. Hell, it might even be Konohamaru’s dad. Who really knows?

Let me know your theory on this matter?

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