Dragon Ball Super Review: Thanks For A Fun Time!

With Dragon Ball Super finally concluding, I decided to reflect on the series as a whole and see how it did overall.

Dragon Ball Super in my opinion has served its purpose well. It is and always will be a series based on fan service, given us the fans everything we could have ever wished for in a Dragon Ball series. From new saiyans, darker arcs and a whole lot of fighting, it really is the SUPER version of Dragon Ball.

Despite that, there were some clear plot holes and inconsistency present throughout its run-time. Things like Trunks using the Spirit Sword to cut Zamasu in half and how the Saiyans in Universe 6, despite them been an advanced version of our Universe 7 saiyans, never knowing how to become Super Saiyan, all made me as a fan scratch my head. Not to mention the power-levels and scaling been thrown out the video after episode 15. It can be frustrating at times but if you ignore all of the flaws and just paid attention to the good things of the series, you’ll have a grand time.


Regardless, it still manages to put together an entertaining show week after week and gave us all something to look forward to every Saturday/Sunday. I don’t want to go too deep into this analysis/ review as I have no intention for doing that. I just wanted to express my gratitude towards the series I grew up with. Dragon Ball is an anime that breaks limits and streaming services, and bands fans from all over the world together for a single purpose, to watch anime together.

Watching Goku grow and break his own limits can inspire anyone to do the same. Nothing really is impossible if you have Goku determination to push yourself further. It’s been a fun ride and I look forward to seeing the movie conclude it all. Thank you Toriyama and the team who helped make Dragon Ball Super possible. Until next time!




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