Being a content creator can be taxing on oneself. You have to constantly try to come up with new ways to entertain or create new contents that will be engaging to your audience. In your head, you’re constantly trying to outperform the you from yesterday. It’s something I’d had to deal with all the time and sooner or later you’re gonna have a creative block. It happens to everyone and can be very demotivating.

To give you some context, I am a full-time employee working at one of the cool Silicon Valley companies (I’ll let your imagine guess which one), while blogging every single day. I also sometimes make videos on YouTube, but as of late I’ve been stuck in this limbo state of not knowing what to do with my channel. Been a creator can be so fulfilling. You get to share your voice, opinion and ideas to the world and have discussion with like-minded individuals. However, there are days where it becomes a challenge.


What do I do next? Where can I go from here? How can I improve my content? This is how I feel every single day. I want to be productive but these thoughts and road blocks can be a challenge to over come. I tend to have ideas that I want to try out, but never know how to fully execute them. This has led to me shutting down and not wanting to do anything. Thankfully, I’ve been able to stay constant with my blogs at least. I’d like to change that with my YouTube channel someday.

I’m writing this to share some piece of advise to anyone to wants to be a creator. Pace yourself. Take rest when needed and never give up. Trust me, regret is ten times worse than failing. At least you know you’ve tried and gave it you all than wondering what could have been. I myself am learning to pace myself and rest a lot. It’s important and overall helps with your content.

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