SXSW took place a couple of days ago and to be quite honest I didn’t have much hype for it. They announced a couple of things that are cool but for the most pretty bland. However, there is one thing that might be interesting if done right and that is the ” Top Secret” Sonic game which all signs clearly point to it been Sonic Racing.

If you’re not familiar with this game the it’s surprise. It’s pretty old title and frankly taught to be forgotten, but it seems SEGA is bringing that game back to life. The teaser consists of some car engines revving which initially I thought it was the next installment of Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing. However, Aaron Weber did confirm on the panel that is is a new game and not not a continuation of any previous game before.

Sonic-All-Stars-Racing-Splash-Images (1)

I mean, with that R been highlight, I’m pretty such it has to be Sonic R but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Now Sonic R, unlike Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, was a on-foot type of race which would have been SO COOL if they went with that direction. Kinda like Sonic Rivals but on a bigger scale. Of course, the revving car does throw that theory right out the window if the car revving it’s a just a indication that it’s going to be a racing game.

Also, if this game is going to be solely based on Sonic characters, when that would be cool as we do have A LOT of characters in the Sonic franchise. Ever since that dreaded Sonic Forces was released, I’ve lost all hopes for anything related to Sonic, so I don’t have any expectation for this game. Whatever it is, I just hope its not going to be another thing that going to spit are the fans face again. After watching the SXSW stream and seeing how dedicated fans are to Sonic, SEGA should count their lucky stars and feel blessed.

Let me know your thoughts on this mysterious TOP SECRET Sonic “Racing” Game.

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