Over the past few weeks, celebrities like Michael B. Jordan & Kim Kardarshian and John Boyega have shared their love for anime in one shape and form. That is pretty cool and all, but what’s been grinding my gears are the people who are acting like this will make anime cool or something. I wanted to chime in here for a bit and give my two cents on the topic, despite according to the Internet’s standard, been years ago.

After the HUGE success of Marvel’s Black Panther, as per usual, the internet began doing extensive background research on their newly favorite actors. Upon those research, they came across an old interview that Michael B. Jordan did, in which he proclaims that he likes anime. We even see him tweeting at various anime sites asking when the next episode will drop.

Once the mass public caught wind of it, he was quickly praised and for a lot of people who like anime, became their favorite actor. Once again, that’s fine too. It’s natural to take a liking to someone who shares the same of hobby and interest as you. Here is where I have the problem with this sudden craze.

Art by @Bosslogic

Suddenly, more and more celebs are coming out and expressing that they too are fans of anime. I’m not going to sit here and tell you which one’s are genuine and which one’s are just out there to gather more fans, that’ll be up to you to decided. However, because of this “craze”, people started making these claims that, “now that these top celebs like anime, it’s now cool all of a sudden“. It’s ridiculous!

We have gotten to the point in that we’ve allowed these top celebs to dictate what is cool and what is not. I mean, it’s always been like that but from what I’ve gathered, it’s getting worse by the day. Especially now that we live in a world of social media, where one’s value is based on how many follows and likes you get.

I understand that with the amount of influences and powers these celebs have under their belt, they can easily shift things and make them cool or lame, without putting much thought into them. Take Kylie Jenner for example. All she said was that she won’t be using Snapchat anymore, and instantly the stock for Snapchat plummeted. And who knows how well Darling in the Franxx is doing now that Kim as proclaimed that her hairstyle is inspired from the anime.


My point that I’m trying to get across is that, despite their fame and status, they are still human. They started somewhere, grew up and picked up hobbies along the way. For some of those celebs, it’s anime. Should they be praised for it? Absolutely not! I wish people would stop putting these celebs on a pedal-stool and worshiping them like gods.

We shouldn’t have to seek validation from celebs to determine what is cool and what isn’t and them liking a hobbies shouldn’t be worth praising them either. You can get hyped up about it sure, but don’t praise them. These are my thoughts on the matter and how I feel about it.

Let me know what you think about it.


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