With Dragon Ball Super drawing ever so closer to it’s conclusion, leaks have come out that may hint at how the last two episodes will play out and fans ain’t too happy about it. This confuses me a bit because, if you’ve paid even a tad bit of attention, this was kinda hinted at for quite some time now. Plus, if you’ve followed the series this far, then complaining now will just be in vain.

So from here on out, we are entering spoiler territory so if you’d like to keep your innocence for the finale, I suggest you leave now. Oh, you still here? Alright then, lets go!

So according to the leaks, thanks to Ken Xyro’s tweet and translation, Goku still loses the battle and falls of the stage, leaving a wounded and extremely weakened Jiren the winner, only to be stabbed in the back and pushed off the stage by Frieza. OK, so when I said that this was hinted, I wasn’t referring to Goku ACTUALLY losing because that is still blowing my mind, but what I was referring to was Frieza winning the Tournament of Power.

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When you look at all the possible outcomes for this battle, with the hints that have been thrown in the mix from previous episodes, there was no avoiding it. Now, I can understand why fans are frustrated with this ending. After much anticipation and hyping up the new form, Goku attains and masters Ultra Instinct to the point that even the gods stood up to pay respect, only to lose to Jiren. It’s fucked up right?

But then again, nothing ever made sense in Super to begin with. Also, fans are complaining that the ending is predicable. Well, what did you actually expect would happen? If Goku wins, then it’s “OMG GOKU ALWAYS WINS, BORING!” So this I feel like was the only way to make it work…..kinda!

I’m not gonna front here, Goku losing to Jiren kinda stings here. I’d much prefer if Jiren fell of the stage and then Goku gets shot from behind by Frieza but that would actually piss off the OmniKings and they may even erase him on the spot. At the end of the day, there’s not much anyone can do. The script is written, it’s already probably been animated as we speak, so all one can to now is just….enjoy the show for what it is, fan service.

Whether you hate the show or like it, there’s not denying that it gave us some of the best fights we’ve seen in a long time and introduced a batch of great characters. Who knows, as the leak suggested, there might be more coming in the future so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below on how you feel about the ending of Dragon Ball Super.

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