After much speculation, Super Smash Bros has been confirmed for the Nintendo Switch. This, of course given the nature, has led to the community to once again speculate on who’s making a return and who’s joining the frey for the first time. So I’d like to join the conversation and share some of my top picks for this year’s installment.

Besides the inkling, the number one pick or picks for me personally is Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot. Two of the biggest icons in gaming history have yet to make their appearances on one of gaming’s biggest brawl, so it’s only natural to bring Spyro and Crash in on the fun. This wishlist is further supported by the fact that Crash Bandicoot Trilogy is coming to the Switch which is is a huge deal in my opinion. And with talks of a potential Spyro trilogy looming around, there’s a very good chance that we’ll see the purple dragon join the frey alongside the orange bandicoot.


Next up on the list is your boi Sora. With Kingdom Hearts FINALLY coming out in 2018, what better way to promote the game than to add the man himself in the upcoming Smash game. Sora is packed with hundreds of abilities that can EASILY  be transferred into Smash. Fans have been CRAVING for Sora to be in Smash and if Cloud and Bayonetta can make a guest appearance and possibly return, then so can Sora.


Now if you remember, Masahiro Sakurai recently held a poll for people to vote on who they’d like to see make an appearance on Super Smash Bros. That’s essentially how Bayonetta made it in the game if memory serves me right. The anime community has been in dire need of representation and if  Masahiro Sakurai decides to hold another poll and be lenient on the choices, there’s only one character that everyone want to see in Smash Bros and deserves the spot, Son Goku.

Yes, I know many in the community have this saying that “only characters that started out in games may participate in Super Smash Bros“, but times have changed and what once was, no longer is. So Goku, the most iconic character in anime history, who’s obsessed with fighting would be  perfect for the roster and the game.

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Next up is something that may surprise y’all. Blinx: The Time Sweeper. Some of you guys may not even remember this little cat but once upon a time, Blinx was proposed as a possible mascot for the Xbox system, rivaling Nintendo’s Mario, Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog, Sony’s Crash Bandicoot, Namco’s Pac-Man, and Capcom’s Mega Man. Though time has forgotten the little furball, the time I spent with the games weren’t. I enjoyed Blinx for what it was and his abilities would be a great fit with Smash Bros.


And lastly, my last pick  for Smash Bros would be none other than Agumon. Agumon is the most recognizable Digimon out there and an OG to boost, similarly to how Pikachu is to Pokemon. Agumon would be an interesting mix to the roster as there’s a lot they can do with him, given Digimon’s nature to digivolve. Agumon could turn into Greymon if he reaches a certain damage threshold and his Smash can easily be Wargreymon. Heck if Masahiro Sakurai is feeling generous, he could add Veemon and Guilmon in the fix, but I’d settle for Agumon.


And that’s it for my list. I have a lot more in mind but these are the one that come to mind when I think of you I’d like to see. Naturally, your will most definitely not match mine so if you have you own list, share the down below as we await Smash Bros for the Switch.

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