If you’re into anime, aka a weeabo, then you would’ve heard of the Crunchyroll Award Show that took place not too long ago. One good look at the winners of each category and you’ll start to see why some people felt that a certain anime shouldn’t have won some of the categories that it did

The Anime Awards is a celebration of anime, it’s to praise the efforts of people who provide with great, memorable moments and hours of entertaining. I have no problem with that at all. However, I feel like MHA didn’t deserve the amount of wins that it did. Don’t get me wrong l love MHA, do a quick search on this very website and you’ll see it to be true, but there were anime in 2017 that I felt should’ve gotten some of the wins that MHA did. I’m not sure how the nominees were chosen. Did the community make the choices or was it handled by Crunchyroll?

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The reason why I’m bringing this up is because certain anime have a certain level of fanbase to them. Naturally, the anime with the biggest fanbbase will control the votes. So the anime that do deserve the category win get shafted. I think there needs to be improvement in the future to ensure that the wins aren’t heavily biased by the fanbase.

Other than that, I thought the show was great. They invited a lot of people from the community into the award ceremony, it was well presented and I have no complaints there.

Let me know what you thought of the Anime Award show and who you thought should’ve won instead of MHA.

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