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Is Asta From Black Clover Over-Powered?

I couldn’t help but ponder about Black Clover these past couple of day and the one thing that keep crawling back is the question, is Asta already too over-powered? It’s interesting because, yes, normally the shonen protagonist ends up becoming OP, but that take a while and after going through hardships to obtain their incredible powers.

Asta is a young man of short stature with a muscular build. He trained his whole life to get to where he is at right now, all in anticipation of when he receives his own grimoire.

After receiving his grimoire, Asta started fading everyone. And I mean almost everyone who uses magic. Asta’s gimmick is that he can negate magic and after obtaining a new sword, now has the ability to “borrow” magic from his fellow teammates. On paper, that should make him incredibly powerful, damm near over-powered. I mean, how can you beat someone that negates your magic and quite possibly also use it against you?


Not only that, but judging from the very first episode, when he received his grimoire, it was hinted at that he might have some demon powers too. That’s why I brought it up. As an anime watcher, I don’t know just how powerful this kid gets and knowing all that we know now, gets me excited because that only means that he’s going to be going against people who will must likely have to use strategy and tactics to beat him, rather than brute force.

Lets face it, most magic users aren’t as built as Asta. They probably never saw a new to push their bodies to that extent and focused solely on increasing the mana pool. So Asta also has an advantage in that category too.

Asta really is a unique case in my opinion as for me anyways, this is the first time a shonen character is over-powered from the start. And who knows how much stronger this kid’s gonna get. Now to answer the question, I personally do think that Asta is over-powered to a certain degree, but I don’t think it will hurt the narrative so long as the fights aren’t one-sided all the time.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below of what you think of Asta’s powers.

4 thoughts on “Is Asta From Black Clover Over-Powered?

  1. Asta being overpowered isn’t that much of a problem. We all kind of expect shounen protagonists to gain power and even when they lose to bounce back and end up winning. It’s kind of part of the genre. Asta being painful as a character on the other hand is a hurdle harder to overcome because he just annoys me so much.

    1. I understand where you’re coming from Karandi. It is a troupe that we’ve come to expect from shonen heroes. I’m just curious as Asta’s powers straight up negates magic which is the bases of their world. Most shonen heroes surely build up strength before become op, what I was getting at is that Asta is OP from the start in my opinion. As for his personality…..well there’s not much we can do but endure it 😂

      1. Even though he negates magic, we’ve still seen instances where he can be hurt by magic and it isn’t as though magic is the only danger (even if it is one that is relied upon heavily). With strong enough writing, there’s no reason why Asta couldn’t still be put into some fairly life endangering situations. That said, I don’t really think the story is up for exploiting it the way it could.

      2. That’s true, which is why I’m kinda excited to see how they’ll handle the story as it progresses. So far I’m enjoying it, so we’ll see where it goes from here 🙂

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