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Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku vs Superman! You Already Know The Answer!

Come on now, sooner or later someone was going to talk about this battle, so let it be me. I wanted to “talk” about  what would happen if Superman went up against Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku, as I’m sure the community has already begun speculating on this battle.

I’ll get straight to the point, Superman would still beat Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku. I know right now you’re probably filled with rage from me even uttering such blasphemous words if you’re on Goku’s side but the reality is that Superman can’t lose. He’s literally the definition of broken. Ultra Instinct Goku would most definitely put up a great fight and I looked forward to seeing it been animated one day by Screwattack or someone of great talent but the fact of the matter is that the stats don’t lie.


Goku “may” be able to dodge a good couple of Supes attacks and even throw him off balance, but eventually Superman will pick up on the pattern of Ultra Instinct and well do what Superman does best, overcome any obstacle that stands in his way. I’ve played out this battle a number of time, in different scenarios and in all of them, Superman had the advantage. And no, unfortunately, Jiren can’t be used as an argument that he’s like Superman. Both characters are strong, yes, but their level of strength can’t be compared. Superman outclasses Jiren tenfold over.

Hey, I’m willing to hear and debate you guy’s opinion from those who believe that Goku actually stands a chance against Superman. Of course, you gotta bring in facts to the table. But as far as I can tell, it’s going to be the same outcome, no matter how many times Goku transforms.



  1. You’re awesome been a super gay man dick sucker.. always eating his shit that’s why you’re just a dc fangirl.. you’re jealous because Goku is way to strong and powerful than your little super gay man and any of other dc characters.. super gay man at his best only solar buster but ultra insticts Goku is way too much stronger than super gay man. Goku is hyperverse level.. you can’t compare super gay man to Goku.. he’s just a weakling… Even Frieza saga base Goku can fuck him.. you mother fucker..


  2. I think when they make the Goku Vs Superman movie in the year 2052, (after Disney has bought both DC and Dragon Ball franchises to add them into phase 12 of the Marvelverse) Squirrelgirl will team up with Saitama to defeat both of them with one nut.


  3. Depending on the ve
    rsion of Superman, however there are only two supermen who could beat Goku the way people describe(The reason why there are definitely multiple versions of superman is that due to the changing authors who perceive his strength in different ways), those two supermen being Cosmic armor Superman and Strange Visitor Superman due to the performing god like feats that completely outclass all versions of Goku with ease. The other versions however either get completely destroyed due to lacking sufficient feats, the ones who are comparable to Mastered ultra instinct Goku however still get outclassed in stats and abilities, thus giving Goku the win.

    If you wish for me to go into detail on the feats, abilities and etc. Then do reply.


  4. DC comics over hype superman powers, saying his quintillion times faster then the speed of light. This is a joke. Same can be said for goku, all it takes is one word to say goku 500 quintillions time faster then the speed of light in the manga. Theres no end to it, but I think comparison should be taken from the animated show instead of comic books/mangas that are at times ridiculous. Because no character can travel at that speed, what superman is going to do, rebound of the universe edges lol. If I was to compare the animation shows of both, I would say Goku is the stronger one. But If I were to follow the ridiculous comic book power levels which is impossible to translate to a movie or animated show, then that will be the end of all DC movies as how utterly ridiculous it will look.


  5. Superman has gotten thrown off by a super nova. Trunks caught it like it was a volley ball.


    It is never really stated how fast either Goku or Superman. Its only speculated, BUT Goku was dodging lightning as a training method since he was a child. Personally I think the incomplete UI Goku could take down Superman. He battled a character with “endless power” (aka the potora fused Kefla) with relative ease, and did it again with the Mastered form with Jiren after he broke his limits. The sheer power of the incomplete form shook a spaceless and timeless void with heat radiating off his body that was so hot the commentators could feel it waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over where they were sitting. Not to mention they completely destroyed a fighting stage that took over two days to make made by none other than the Grand priest himself. Not to mention the battle between Goku and beerus in his incomplete God form SHOOK THE WHOLE UNIVERSE, and was told if they didn’t stop they’d SURELY DESTROY IT. Yes superman holds back when he’s fighting on earth, but I remember numerous times where he went all out and failed to match that feat. So yeah your opinion is half-assed. Goku would stomp most variations of Superman without even having to be pushed to ultra instinct.


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