After months of waiting, I finally went to the premiere of my most anticipated Marvel movie, Black Panther and when the final credits rolled in, I was left satisfied by how amazing this movie turned out.

Black Panther struck a chord with me. It was the first time as a 25-year-old African-European that I saw a full cast of different black characters on the screen of this magnitude. It was the first time I saw something like this that didn’t involve slavery or gang activities, but instead, it was about powerful, badass, intellectual Africans kicking ass on the big screen.

Let me tell you this, the best aspect of this movie were the women of Wakanda HANDS DOWN! Everything they did felt natural and grounded. It never felt forced and it really allowed them to shine in their own way. My favorite women out all of them, which was pretty hard for me to choose, ended up been Shuri. Shuri’s banter with her brother, her casual high-level intellect, comedic personality and overall badassness never failed to make me laugh out loud.


Actually Okoye is also right there next to Shuri. She made the movie extremely enjoyable with snarky commentary on everything around here, her strong presence on the screen and also taking shots at the King when the opportunity arises.

The world of Wakanda on screen was amazing. It never looked like it was out of place with the environment and felt like I was looking at a possible location on earth. The amount of respect paid to the African traditions and culture was outstanding. The movie felt like a stand-alone movie but also a great job in connecting it in with the MCU.

Now let me talk about Killmonger, because this man ended up being one of the best villains in MCU so far. His interaction with T’challa was flames. They both want the same things, but each had their own way of accomplishing it.


Of course, I don’t agree with slaughtering millions to achieve one’s agenda, but Killmonger commentary on slavery, racism and overall black lives struck a chord with me. I ended up agreeing with him near the end of the movie which was weird because he’s the villain. His badass attitude and how he approached everything due to his environment really spoke volumes for me. The line he spoke near the end of the movie WILL affect you to some degree, I guarantee you.

Of course, let’s not forget about the King himself, T’Challa. T’Challa was faced with a lot of challenges when he became King and had to make decisions previous Kings didn’t. In fact, it was thanks to Killmonger that T’Challa grew as a character. His performance was amazing. It’s really had to talk about this movie without spoiling it so let me end it here.

My final verdict on this movie…you already know: WAKANDA FOREVER!!! LONG LIVE THE KING!!!!

Go see the movie, you won’t regret it. This is what we mean by “for the culture”!

Marvel’s Black Panther Was Phenomenal: Spoiler-Free Review & Impression
8.5 / 10 Reviewer
Go see the movie, you won't regret it. This is what we mean by "for the culture"!
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